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The landlocked province of Abra is within the Cordillera Administrative Region. It is in northern Luzon, north of the capital of the Philippines. IThis province has a smaller population in comparison to other provinces of the Philippines. It also  receives less visitors. In some ways, this is good. You get to enjoy it a lot more if it’s not a busy place. Often, we go away on vacation because we want to escape the big crowd. But less demands means there’s less businesses that provides tourist accommodations. For this reason, it is essential that you book your hotel in Abra sooner rather than later.

Where to stay in Abra

Where to stay in Abra Province

Iannekleina • CC BY-SA 4.0

Making a decision as to where to stay in Abra depends on what you want to see and do. Tayum and Bangued, its capital, are two of the most popular destinations. But there are other areas with lots of beautiful open spaces and tourist worthy spots to visit. You’ll never be short of places to roam around in this province. There are affordable places to stay in these three towns.

These two towns offer hotels and inns for leisure and business travelers. There’s also guesthouses as well as B&B’s for backpackers. However, outside of these areas, rental accommodations such as transient houses and homestays are much more limited. So don’t hang about, make a decision sooner and reserve your room ahead of time.

There are plenty of popular spots in this area that’s  worth a visit. So come down (or up) this place and check it out. Below are just some of the favorite things to do in Abra.


  • Cathedral of Saint James the Greater
  • Cassamata Hill National Park
  • San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine
  • Victoria Park deck for Bangued’s Landscape – stunning view of the mountain peaks,  plains and rivers.

La Paz

  • Abel Loom Weaving Workshop

How about something more adventurous? If you’re after some thrills, you can try exploring less traveled caves. Santo Tomas Caves is a good bet.

San Quintin
Mr. Teofilo’s popular Garcia Gourd Hats and the workshop


  • Apao Rolling Hills
  • Kaparkan Falls
  • Piweg Rock Formations


  • Kili Falls
  • Kili Hot Springs


Church Dwelling in Abra

Santa Catalina de Alejandria Parish Church in Tayum. By Iannekleina • CC BY-SA 4.0

This town is worth a look if you’re after a place that has some Spanish colonial feel to it. To be honest with you, there’s not a single province that doesn’t have centuries old church. Enjoy the sight of the Holy Cross Church if you’re a fan of architectural works. And these:

  • Don Mariano Marcos Bridge
  • Gabriel Silang Gallery of Fine Arts
  • Headquarter of Gabriel Silang
  • Tayum Heritage Houses

Food Tripping
Try the local cuisne of this province. There are popular ones such as abuos, cascaron, Lechon de Abra, longganisa palileng and pancit miki.

Why not take a picnic? Buy some of these food listed above. Then , head down by the Bolo River. Enjoy the gush of waters while savoring this mouthwatering local delicacies. It’s just music to your ears. And don’t forget to buy some to bring home with you.

Other places to visit in Abra

The province has 27 municipalities in Abra. There’s always at least one that’s good to see and  things to do in the area.

  1. Bangued
  2. Boliney
  3. Bucay
  4. Bucloc
  5. Daguioman
  6. Danglas
  7. Dolores
  8. La Paz
  9. Lacub
  10. Lagangilang
  11. Lagayan
  12. Langiden
  13. Licuan-Baay
  14. Luba
  15. Malibcong
  16. Manabo
  17. Peñarrubia
  18. Pidigan
  19. Pilar
  20. Sallapadan
  21. San Isidro
  22. San Juan
  23. San Quintin
  24. Tayum
  25. Tineg
  26. Tubo
  27. Villaviciosa

Staying in Abra

Abra has the potential to become the next go to destination for local and foreign tourists alike. The selection and number of available travel accommodations maybe limited. However, the place is becoming more popular. So expect that rental rooms catering for travelers will grow to cope with the demand.

If you’re traveling for business reason, Abra is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Of course you can always explore if you have a few hours of free time.
If not, you can just chill out on the evenings before you sleep. Chirping birds by day and the scraping noise of crickets by night. Such a contrast from the industrial noise you’ll hear in the metro. A great place to relax after going about your work related business tour.

Are you here for leisure? Gather your family or group of friends, however big or small. Be it an overnight escape or a weekend out of town getaway. Plan your days and check out our listings.  A stay in one of Abra hotels is always the first choice by some. However, you may wish to explore other lodging accommodation for a more homely feel. And don’t put it off before it gets popular. It’s always better to be one of the first, don’t you think?