You wanted a break from your daily routine. Checking out some Antique hotels and beach resorts, you find that they’re reasonably priced. You wanted a place that’s somewhat different. And you feel this province fits the bill. So you’ve decided to go away on holiday. 

The province of Antique is not the usual tourist destination everyone is raving about.
But you’ll be surprised with what’s in store for you. It is an amazing place for travelers of all types. It has a lot to offer such as:

  • Bugtung Batu Falls
  • Island hopping
    • Seco
    • Malalison
    • Malumpati
    • Other surrounding islands
  • Cold Springs

These are just a few. There’s far more to explore and experience. So book in one of the beach resorts or a hotels in Antique. You’ll get pampered in one of their resorts’ spa offerings.