You’ve now decided you wanted some water adventure on your next adventure. And you thought that the province of Aurora, focusing on ecotourism, is a good bet. If you want to know more about this province and where to stay then read on. Otherwise, explore our list of B&B’s, beach resorts and hotels in Aurora at the top of the page.

Where to stay in Aurora
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The province of Aurora is popular for surfing. In particular, Baler, its capital town is where most of the action is. But there are other areas of the province that offers the same if not better waves and breaks. After all, the province lies on the eastern side of the Philippines facing the Pacific ocean.

However, there are various activities this province can offer apart from surfing. Things like cascading waterfalls, stunning beaches and hidden coves. And then, there’s tropical rainforest and awesome rock formations worth checking out. There’s more than a few places to visit for a bit of history and culture as well. Here are some of the things you can do in Aurora.


  • Aurora Quezon House in Poblacion
  • Museo De Baler in Quezon St. Poblacion
  • Baler Catholic Church in Rizal St., Poblacion
  • Sabang Beach in Sabang
  • Dicasalarin Cove in Zabali
  • Diguisit Rock Formation in Zabali
  • Baler Hanging Bridge along Zabali
  • Cemento Beach and Reef in Cemento
  • Ermita Hill in Sitio Cemento, Zabali


  • Casapsapan Beach in Casiguran
  • Dialang Falls


  • Bulawan Falls


  • Mount Mingan


  • Ampere Beach
  • Dinadiawan Beach

Maria Aurora

  • 600-Year Old Balete Tree in Quirino

San Luis

  • Banju Springs in Real
  • Cunayan Falls in Pimentel
  • Ditumabo Falls in Ditumabo

Booking an Accommodation in Aurora

Aurora province has definitely a lot to offer tourists who are after outdoor adventures. Although there’s more than a few attractions in Baler, virtually every single town has something to offer its visitors.

Here are the towns and municipalities of Aurora:

  • Baler
  • Casiguran
  • Dilasag
  • Dinalungan
  • Dingalan
  • Dipaculao
  • Maria Aurora
  • San Luis

If you’re traveling to this province, make the most of it. Save up a little more so you can stay in one of the B&B’s, beach resorts and hotels in Aurora Province, Philippines