This site has a growing list of independently run bed and breakfast facilities. But this listings also has a number of resorts and hotels in Bataan. So if you’re scouring for travel accommodation for your next vacation, you’ve come to the right place.

Where to stay in Bataan
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Bataan is a  province north of the Philippines. Its capital is Balanga City. And they speak a variation of the Tagalog language spoken in the capital of the Philippines. But not only that, quite a few can also speak Kapampangan. It’s a language spoken by its neighboring province. And if you’re a foreign tourist, they have decent command of the English language.

Top things to do in Bataan

This maybe small in size but it’s jam packed with surprises for travelers like you. The thing about being small though is that you’ll get around the province in much lesser time.

Things you can do in Bataan is varied. It has a lot of historical sites and structures. But it’s never short of natural eco-friendly tourist attractions either.

Here’s where to stay in Bataan. It is grouped by town and municipalities as per its attractions. It is by no means the only places to visit and spend a night in Bataan.

Balanga City

Being the capital city means tis town has good links to other municipalities of the province. You may want to stay overnight here and book a room in one of the hotels  in Bataan’s capital.

  • Fall of Bataan Marker
  • Bataan World War II Museum
  • Balanga Wetland and Nature Park


  • Visit Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar
    1. Walking Tour of village
    2. Watch live shows like Kundiman and Folk Dance Performance
    3. Batis-Inspired Swimming Pool
  • Zero Kilometer Marker
  • Ambon-Ambon Falls in Brgy Binakawan, Bagac
  • Limutan Falls in Brgy Binakawan
  • Filipino-Japanese Friendship Tower


With lots of things to do here, it’s not bad to spend your weekend here. There are available resorts in Bataan’s town of Mariveles.

  • Sisiman Lighthouse and Bay
  • Five Fingers Cove
    1. Cochino’s Point
    2. Natsu Lagoon at Talaga Point
    3. Nagmandala Rock at Hornos Point
    4. Naiklec Point
    5. Longos Kawayan Point
  • Mount Mariveles in Alas-asin
  • Mount Tarak Ridge


  • Pawikan Conservation Center
  • Bataan Technology Park
  • Kairukan Falls in Sitio Kanawan, Brgy Binaritan


  • Mount Natib in Brgy Tala, Orani
  • Bataan National Park in Orani
  • Pasukulan Falls in Brgy Tala, Orani via Pinagbutasan trail


  • Mount Samat Shrine of Valor
  • Dunsulan Falls in Dunsulan Junction
  • Flaming Sword

Food Trip taste the whole delicacies  of Bataan province. There’s a lot of food local to Bataan and some lovely sausages as well. Do make sure you get some as well as souvenir before you go home.

Booking an Accommodation in Bataan

The above list are just some of the tourist attractions in the province. There are a lot more that hasn’t been mentioned. But some are waiting to be discovered by you. Aside from Balanga city, its capital, here are  the 17 municipalities of this province:

  • Abucay
  • Bagac
  • Dinalupihan
  • Hermosa
  • Limay
  • Mariveles
  • Morong
  • Orani
  • Orion
  • Pilar
  • Samal

A day out in one of the toursit attractions of the province is always welcomed. Particularly, if you’re living in the same town.  It’s convenient and its friendly on your wallet. However, if you’re coming from neighboring provinces or further south of the capital of the Philippines., you’re trip is going to be exhausting and a waste of petrol or transportation costs. It’ll be much more worth it, if you stay in Bataan, for at least overnight. it’ll  always be a lot more comfortable for sure. And you’ve made a much more memorable visit.

Accommodation geared towards tourism, both for personal or business, is growing in this province. You’ll find independently owned bed and breakfast facilities which is a good break from the corporate stylelodgings. But if you prefer the usual, then it’s not a problem either. Just choose and book one of the resorts or hotels in Bataan, Philippines. And crate memories that will last a lifetime.