Massive hotels as a form of accommodation in Batanes is virtually nonexistent. Vacation rentals tend to be managed by small holdings. This in turn adds to the charm of this lovely province.It should really be kept this way. There are villas, transient houses, vacation homes and dorm type rooms in Batanes, Philippines.

The province is a group of islands north of the mainland. It is the smallest by size and the northernmost part of the Philippines.

Where to Stay in Batanes

The province has 6 municipalities and around 29 villages in the surrounding area.
Rolling hills of Batanes

bingbing • CC BY 2.0
The municipalities are as follows:

  • Basco – its capital
  • Itbayat
  • Ivana
  • Mahatao
  • Sabtang
  • Uyugan

Things to See and Do in Batanes

Wondering what you get to see and do in Batanes? For a start, the cool breeze, cliffs, rocky shores, rugged terrains and rolling green hills is everywhere to be found. The sight itself is already a treat. The scenery itself will make you want to move and live there. Such a complete contrast from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Racuh Apayaman is also known as the Marlboro County. It’s a communal pastureland where you can see animals roaming freely.

A province with a small population, the roads are mostly quiet. Hence, it’s a perfect way to cycle around the place. Fancy bike touring?

The best experience is having to learn their culture and mingle with the locals. Experience the Ivatan culture in Sabtang Island. On the other hand, Diura is an ancient coastal village. And during fishing season, tou can witness the locals perform the Kapayvanuvanua Festival.

In Batan Island, you can still see the remains  of centuries old structures. These are old churches, bridges and some Spanish colonial edifices.

The areas of Savidug and Chavayan is where you can see those quaint stone houses and thatched roofs.

Vacation Rentals in Batanes

There’s a lot to experience here. Therefore, it’s important to make the most of your travel here. The best way to do enjoy your vacation is by renting out a place like a transient house. There are B&B’s around too. Explore the listings below.