Resorts and hotels in Benguet, especially the multiple storied type, is virtually nonexistent in its municipalities. Also, surrounded by high rise buildings may mean it’s would be a very crowded place anyway. Who would want to go on a nature trip if you’ll be staying in a concrete jungle town?

Where to stay in Benguet
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Benguet is a provonce in Luzon, north of the capital of the Philippines. It is part of the Cordillera Administrative Region. Baguio is its capital city. In Baguio, you’ll find some tall buildings. But it’s mostly in the city center area. And just a few minutes drive away from the center, the space opens up for you big time.

Top things to do in Benguet

There are a lot of active things to do in Benguet. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ll certainly love this place. But there are attractions that will suit couples and families with kids as well.

Here’s how you plan your trip. Feel free to make a cup of tea first. Then sit back and relax while having a look at the list of attractions and/or activities below. Its all grouped by the town it belongs to. You then pick the places you wish to visit. Followed by deciding how long will you stay in for. Once all that has been planned, you’re ready to book a hotel room in Benguet. It maybe a good idea to do a liop tour, the towns and villages.

Without further adieu, here are some of the best olaces to stay in Benguet.


  • Mt. Timbak in Km 55, Atok
  • Northern Blossom Flower Farm
  • Naguey Rice Terraces
  • Highest point marker
  • Haight’s Place (Sakura Flowers)
  • Sakura Park


  • Tekip Falls in Poblacion
  • Mt Gedgedayan
  • Mt. Tenglawan
  • Nagasa Cave


  • Mt. Kompol-kompol


  • Mt. Ulap


  • Mt. Pulag
  • Mt. Tabayoc
  • Lake Tabeo Campsite


  • Badi Falls in Brgy Sagubo
  • Amburayan River
  • Longog Cave


  • Mt. Amanayaw in  Brgy Badeo
  • Rocky Wall of Beauties in Brgy Tacadang

La Trinidad 

  • Binanga Falls
  • Payogpog Falls in Shilan
  • Mt. Yangbew in Sitio Binat, Barangay Tawang
  • Bahong Flower Farm & Rose  Garden


  • Mt. Pokgong in Brgy Bagong
  • Towing Falls


  • Aran Cave


  • Bayokbok Falls in Brgy Tuel
  • Asin Hot Spring in Tuel
  • Shamsham Falls in Baayan
  • Ambongdolan Caves in Ambongdolan

Booking an Accommodation in Benguet 

There are many places to explore and worth booking a week of stay in Benguet. Virtually every single town has someting for you to explore. Here are the.13 municipalities that make up tjis province.

  • Atok
  • Bakun
  • Bokod
  • Buguias
  • Itogon
  • Kabayan
  • Kapangan
  • Kibungan
  • La Trinidad
  • Mankayan
  • Sablan
  • Tuba
  • Tublay

If you’re after an affordable accommodations, youll find plenty in Benguet.There are homestays and B&B’s to spend your nights in. But there are pool resorts and small hotels in Benguet, Philippines as well.