So you’re now browsing for resorts and hotels in Bohol because you’ve been thinking of visiting the place. Good for you. This part of the Philippines is a lovely choice to go on vacation. It is actually one of the popular tourist destinations in the country.

Bohol is located in the Central Visayas region and Tagbilaran city is its capital. The province is known for its chocolate hills and cute little monkeys called tarsiers. But not only that, it also has lovely beaches to swim in and diving spots to explore. It also has lush greenery which is a complete contrast from what you’ll see in metropolitan cities. Best of all,  Boholanos are softspoken and friendly people. It’s always best to go to a place that you feel welcomed.

Besides Tagbilaran city and Panglao. There are other places eorth visiting and staying in Bohol. It has a total of 47 municipalities. Some of these are still wsiting to be discovered for it’s tourist worthiness.

  • Alburquerque, Alicia, Anda, Antequera
  • Baclayon, Balilihan, Batuan, Bien Unido, Bilar, Buenavista
  • Calape, Candijay, Carmen, Catigbian, Clarin, Corella, Cortes
  • Dagohoy, Danao, Dauis, Dimiao, Duero
  • Garcia Hernandez, Getafe, GuindulmanInabanga
  • Jagna
  • Lila, Loay, Loboc, Loon
  • Mabini, iMaribojoc
  • Panglao, Pilar, President Carlos,  P. Garcia
  • Sagbayan, San Isidro, San Miguel, Sevilla, Sierra Bullones, Sikatuna
  • Talibon, Trinidad, Tubigon
  • Ubay
  • Valencia

This province has various types of accommodations available for travellers. Not only will you find hotels and beach resorts in Bohol. There are villas, transient houses, homestays and hostels as well.