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Where to Stay in Isabela

There are 3 cities namely: Santiago, Cauayan and Ilagan.

Isabela Province Map
Roel Balingit • CC BY-SA 3.0

The 34 municipalities are as follows:

  • Alicia, Angadanan, Aurora, Benito, Soliven
  • Burgos, Cabagan, Cabatuan, Cordon, Delfin
  • Albano, Dinapigue, Divilacan, Echague, Gamu
  • Jones, Luna, Maconacon, Mallig, Naguilian, Palanan, Quezon
  • Quirino, Ramon, Reina, Mercedes, Roxas
  • San Agustin, San Guillermo, San Isidro, San Manuel, San Mariano
  • San Mateo, San Pablo, Santa Maria, Santo Tomas and Tumauini

Things to See and Do in Isabela

There are a plenty to see and do in Isabela. Lots of green space. Mountains and seaside. Open fields and centuries old architectural church buildings. You name it, it has it.

Church in Isabela Province
Markadan • CC BY-SA 3.0

Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park – Sierra Madre is shared by a few province  but Isabela is home to the North Sierra Madre Natural Park. It is the largest preserved jungle in the country.

There are lots of white sand beaches in Dicotcotan and Didanguan. There’s also Romualdez Beach in Maconacan. It’s a beach carpeted with pebbles. Finally,  Dimanoc Beach also in Maconacan which Is a nesting ground for turtles. But there much more. For a change, you can go to Dinapigue to see the Dibulo Falls.

Divilican is perfect for visitors who love exploring wilderness . The place is also the base for the crocodile sanctuary. And try and get to know the Dumagats. They’re an indigenous tribe in the area.

Vacation Rentals in Isabela

There’s variety of experiences you’ll get on touring this province. But what would make it even more amazing? The answer is a vacation home for rent that’ll suit you. So you can recharge after each day of adventure. Browse the listings below.

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