Have you been searching the most suitable La Union hotels for your next travel? You may need to put in some effort. After all, you’ll be spending at least eight hours each day of your stay in that room. Therefore, choose the best one that suits your taste and fits your budget.

This province is located in Northern Luzon and its capital is San Fernando City. It is now regarded as one of the top vacation destinations north of the capital of the Philippines.The locals are very proud of their province. But you can’t blame them for being what they are. Once you get there, you’ll understand why.

Where to Stay in La Union

Where to Stay in La Union
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La Union boasts of beautiful beaches of varying kinds. From sandy to rocky and even a colorful pebbled beach. It’s also a surfers paradise for newbies and experienced alike. The towns of San Juan, Luna, Agoo, Bauang and the city of San fernando, to name a few, are just some of the places frequented by visitors.

There are lovely sights to explore and plenty of things to do. The nightlife is buzzing and foods are just delightful. No wonder it attracts visitors up and down the country as well as from overseas. Group of friends, families and backpackers come over here to enjoy their vacation. You’ll find hotels, resorts and villas for rent. But also transient houses, hostels and homestay lodgings. Even business travelers flock the area. Because they’re exploring what they can possibly add in its booming tourism.

Below are some of the things that this province can offer. It should help you decide where to stay in La Union.

San Juan

Where to stay in San Juan, La Union
La Union wants to sustain its title as the  surfing capital of the North. San Juan beach area and its waves is the front and center of this scene. The big waves can reach 8 to 10 feet high. Skilled surfers do flock this area to enjoy the waves. But for not so skilled ones, no worries. There are small waves too that are great for beginners. You can avail of surf coaching which is offered in the area.

There’s also scuba diving at Fagg Reef. A good diving spot to spot sharks, barracuda, sea snakes, eels and more.

San Fernando 

This city is the capital of La Union. It hasn’t got the beaches and the waves that surfers rave about but still It gives out a vibrant atmosphere. After all, it is the economic hub of the province as well as the Ilocos region. It is also a good base if you’re traveling in different places. It is well connected with other popular towns of the province via public transport.

  • Occalong Falls
  • Scuba Diving
  • Christ the Redeemer Statue replica
  • La Union Botanical Garden
  • San Fernando City Night Market


The town of Bacnotan is one of the cheapest places in the Philippines tp g on a vacation. It is just north of San Juan making this an alternstive base. Admittedly, it doesn’t have huge resorts that it can boast of unlike its neighbor. However, this place has its own charm.

  • Tammocalao Beach
  • Cabarsican Rock Formations
  • Santa Cruz River
  • Watan Skate Camp ffer
  • Bacnotan Public Market


Bauang is situated between San Fernando and Agoo. The town having been occupied by Spain has managed to keep some of its Spanish architecture intact. It has plenty of outdoor agtractions to keep you busy for a couple of days. From couples to families. And solo and group travelers alike.

  • Bolikewkew Rice Terraces
  • Ariev Farm Eco Resort
  • Marand Beach
  • Splash Town Waterpark & Resort
  • Bauang Public Market


The coastal municipality of Agoo is a quaint little town and said to be the  oldest in La Union. It is much more laid back compared to other neighboring towns. Therefore it’s a good place to just slow everything down a bit.

It was claimed that Virgin Mary had divine visitations in the area. This place is a popular destination during Holy Week. But no one can stop you from visiting on other times of the year.

  • Basilica of Our Lady of Charity
  • Museo de Iloko
  • Town square
  • Agoo Eco Fun World
  • Boat Touring


This is a coastal municipality as well. Some shores are a bit rocky. That’s part of its appeal.  Some beaches even have some fancy colored stones. They glisten in the ray of the sun. And it gives out this different shade of colors. You can head over to Pebble Beach in Luna if you’re interedted to see this. Stroll around and just immerse yourself in the sea breeze.

Booking an accommodation in La Union

The list of places to stay here is not exhaustive. Admittedly, not all of La Union’s towns are tourist destinations. At least for now, anyway. San Fernando city, the province’s capital, is already bustling. Surfers in San Juan call it their little northern paradise. But will you discover the next go to place in this province?

Other places to visit in La Union

It has a total of 19 municipalities. These are:

  • Agoo, Aringay, Bacnotan, Bagulin
  • Balaoan, Bangar, Bauang, Burgos
  • Caba, Luna, Naguilian, Pugo, Rosario
  • San Gabriel  San Juan, Santo Tomas
  • Santol, Sudipen and Tubao

Staying in La Union, you’ll realize that it’s really more fun in the Philippines. So are you ready to take the plunge? A day out is a hassle if you’re a bit further away. Have some long overdue bonding time with your families. Or have have a get together party with your mates. Then browse our listings of resorts, hostels and hotels in La Union right at the top. Book a place directly where you want to stay. For a couple of nights, at least, and have fun.