Find hotels, villas, condos, resort, transient houses, vacation homes, rooms & hostel in the National Capital Region of the Philippines. Referred to as NCR for short, it has 16 cities plus the imunicipality of Pateros.

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As the country’s center of commerce, education and entertainment, it can match the hustle and bustle of any vibrant metropolitan cities in the world. Bars, clubs, pubs, you name it. Nightlife entertainment is more than just amazing. And it never stops until the wee hours of the morning. It really is more fun in this part of the world. Three words. Vibrant, lively, different.

The type of accommodations available in the NCR varies immensely. Which means there’s always a place to stay that will suit your taste and budget. From the cheapest but decent shack to the most opulent hotel.

When you’re finally done with your day or night, head back to your temporary abode to sleep. Recharge in the comfort of your own bed ready for your next adventure.