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Stay ahead of the competition. Here at, you can advertise your accommodation. Create a listing for your vacation property for rent in the Philippines. Our listings are categorized by location. It also has a featured option that makes listings more prominent. As a result, your advertised property is quickly discovered online by our website visitors.

Potential customers on our website can message you privately via our platform. But your listing will contain your address. You will also add your contact details such as phone numbers, email and website address. It also allows your previous customers to leave reviews after their stay.

Word of mouth plays a role in marketing and nothing beats a good review. It’s an interactive site which makes it easy for your customers to give feedback and for you to reply. The site has a neat and streamlined design. It is also mobile friendly. Check it for yourself by browsing our site on your smartphones.

Signup & Submit a Listing: Start Promoting your Vacation Property Rentals

Our Annual Listing Review Fee is ₱999. Register now and submit a listing here.

Please note: We don’t just let anyone post random and irrelevant listings on our site. This is called spam. All submitted listings are held in a queue.prior to approval. We don’t automatically publish them. We review the description entry on your listing. And then, we manually check your web pages exist, if you submitted your website’s address. We may reject your listing if it’s of questionable status. This is an editorial discretion. In this situation, any payment made will be refunded.

Advertising Q & A’s

Will my business be visible on Google?

We don’t own Google, Bing or similar type of search engines. For this reason, we can’t guarantee that your business will be visible on their search result pages. However, our pages are frequently crawled by search engines and bots. This makes it more likely that your site will be discovered. But one thing is certain. Once your travel and leisure accommodation is listed, it will always be visible on our site for the duration of the listing. Our website visitors will be ble to see it.

Do you offer free submission?

The answer is no. When you advertise on our site, we review your submitted listing on a few things. Firstly, we check for grammatical errors on your description. Secondly, we double check if there’s any mistakes on the address and contact details provided. Thirdly, we ensure all uploaded images are optimized. Finally, we visit your website, if provided, to ensure it reflects what you have advertised on us.

All the above tasks take time and effort on our end. There’s also associated cost in running and maintaining a website.

How much is the advertising fee?

We have an Annual Review Listing plan which costs P999 per year. All submitted listings are treated equally against our standards. This makes it fair for all advertisers. You can also avail of the Featured Service option for an additional cost of P999 per year. Your listed page will appear on the homepage. It will also be highlighted as featured on your selected category page as well as the search result page.

Can I cancel my advertised property and get a refund?

You have all the right to request for deletion of your advertized listing at anytime. The fee we charge is for the review service provided to get listed. For this reason, we cannot offer a refund once your listing is submitted and posted. However, we will refund listing submissions that had failed our editorial review due to questionable reasons.

Can I delete a bad review?

Good reviews are always welcome. But poor reviews can leave a bad impression for a potential customer. You won’t be able to delete it yourself. However you can contact the site administrator and we will delete it upon your request for you. This free service is helpful if you think the comment was unfair and inappropriate. Contact us to request for a comment removal. You can also request to deactivate the review section on your page but this makes your page less interactive. A bad but honest review could be a means for you to reconnect to your customer and address the issue.

Why Submit your holiday home for rent on our Website

People in general are getting more tech savvy these days. More and more customers are doing searches online. This is particularly more relevant in the travel sector where travelers do their research work online. So, if you want them to find your accommodation, you need to be where your customers are.

Here at you can advertise and create a travel accommodation for rent listing that will be available on our website 24/7. Getting listed on our site makes it easier for your potential customers to find you. Your vacation propert rental gets an online page on our site. The web page includes details of your address, landline telephone number and cellphone number. You can also submit your website address. Information about your property services and amenities can be added on the description page. Upload stunning images to attract more interest. Offer great service and your customers will reward you with excellent reviews. Sign up now and get listed.